Alton 'Big Dig' - the main event

Daily from

17 July - 1 August 2021

Alton Public Gardens

After the official opening of the event on 15 July there will be an archaeology excavation in the Alton Public Gardens, with geophysics scans and 'test pits' in other parts of the town, including some privcate gardens. We hope to find more archaeology ranging from the Romano-British period (55 AD) through to the Second World War.

The work will be led by volunteers from Liss Archaeology but members of the public who wish to take part will be able to do so.

We will have guides on hand to talk to the public about what we are doing and what we find, as well as some displays and activities for children.

Alton Community Fayre


19 June 2021

11.00 am -

3.00 pm

Alton Public Gardens

Come and talk to us and find out more about the Alton Big Dig and what we will be doing.  Liss Archaeology will have a stall and a display of the community archaeology work that our volunteers do locally at the Roman villa sites we have been working on at Liss, Colemore (near Farringdon) and Stroud (near Petersfield).

This event is organised by Alton Town Council for local clubs , groups , charities and organisations to showcase their work.

Display in the Curtis Museum

During Museum

opening hours

Curtis Museum, Alton

We will have a display stand in the Museum giving more information about our last Big Dig and our plans for the 2021 Alton 'Big Dig', showing the work we have been doing.


If you are interested in archaeology and would like further information about our community group, Liss Archaeology, there will be leaflets available .